request for prayer – Prayer Requests from Janaki, India

please pray for my son, s. balasubramanian, to settle in life. kindly pray for his upliftment in life. because we have lost a huge amount due to online offers. please pray for my daughter, mrs. d. sita rani for a better vision. she suffers because of poor eye-sight. moreover kindly pray for my son-in-law, g. deivanayagam to have a long and healthy life. he has retired from indian overseas bank, as a branch manager. as i have glaucoma and also cataract (in eyes), please pray for me. kindly pray for my grand-daughter, mrs. anitha parvathi who is in bangalore, india.

request for prayer – good life – Prayer Requests from Balasubramanian, India

kindly pray for my happy married life. i am yet to be settled. my father is no more. my mother is aged 82. my two elder sisters are married and their daughters are also settled. i am the only son in my family. so please pray for my good life. kindly pray for my health and also upliftment in my business. i am into sales and marketing. i seek your prayers for a good revenue in my profession. i wear normal glasses. kindly pray for my clear vision.

Prayer Request from Tania for Dental Needs…

Another important prayer request this one is for me directly. We moved to Ohio a yr. ago (from PA where I had next to free dental care) but I can’t get dental care here in OH (regular maintenance fillings, cleaning) unless I pay out of pocket which of course I can’t afford. The cost of going to the dentist is awful and we are low income poverty level. I offered all the dentists in Ashtabula if they would accept payment arrangements of what I could afford and they emphatically said, “No way”. Actually this is a two fold prayer because there are too many people in this town (I’ve done surveys) who have rotting teeth because of this problem. My prayer is that not only will some miracle occur for my dental needs but those of the other poor folks here. My heart is so touched with their plight…..asking that a dentist will come along to fill these dental needs. In jesus’ name amen and amen.

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